Mussels in the Kettles


WIBC main event, this is a mountain bike ride, that leaves from Coupeville, and rides the Kettles trail out and back to the Kettles and Ft Ebey trail network.  This is a poker ride where many businesses donate cool prizes which a good hand will allow you to choose a prize.  All participant receive a pair of socks and a token that can be redeemed for an adult beverage at MusselFest or an Ice Cream bar from Whidbey Isalnd Ice-cream.

Cookin' in the Kettles


This is part of the BuDu Racing Series race for mountain bikers, WIBC assist with setting up the course and participating in a fun strenuous mountain bike race.

North Puget Sound Bike Alliance rides


WIBC is a partner club in the North Puget Sound Bike Alliance, an unofficial group made up of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club, Skagit Bicycle Club, WIBC, and B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County
Members of each club receive a $10 rebate on any of the Signature Road Rides of all the clubs. In 2020, those rides are:

  • Mussels in the Kettles (off-road) - March 7, 2020
  • McClinchy Mile -April 
  • Skagit Spring Classic -May 
  • Tour de Whidbey - August 
  • Chuckanut Classic -August

WIBC Rides


Ride the Moose Have you noticed the North half of Whidbey Island looks like a Moose Head, WIBC will take you on a route that after you complete it, your GPS will show you have ridden a moose head, This is a WIBC club ride must be a member, ride has opt out options that will give you 40 mile or a full metric century.

Veterans Day Ride: A family friendly mountain bike ride in the Kettles and Ft Ebey.  We ride all the Honor Our Troop trails (H.O.T.) trails.

Tour de Whidbey


Tour de Whidbey with the addition of a POWER route. Perimeter of Whidbey Endurance Route. Tour de Whidbey is one of the best rides in the Northwest and the POWER route brings it to a whole new level. Come for the weekend and enjoy all of the beauty and uniqueness that Whidbey Island has to offer!  Also available is the traditional century and a half century option.

Other Rides


Trick or Treat ride; Free to ride, helmet required, costumes welcomed.  

 at noon, S'mores at 3pm, Rhododendron  Park, Coupeville, WA 

502 Patmore Rd, Coupeville WA 98239